yuraygir national park

Yuraygir National Park, between the villages of Angourie and Corindi, protects large swathes of undisturbed coastal land, and is a haven for wildlife. Pockets of white sand beach dot the coastline.

There are six visitor areas in the park, each fringed by beautiful, natural coastal vegetation:

  • Mara Creek and Angourie Bay Picnic Area south of Angourie is home to the world famous Angourie surf break, including the world's first Surfing Reserve and the Angourie walk which hugs the coastline for 10km south to Lake Arragan.
  • Lake Arragan & Redcliff Camping Areas, to the north of Brooms Head, and Sandon River Camping Area south of Brooms Head are fabulous for beach and water activities and wildlife watching.
  • Illaroo Camping Area north of Minnie Water at Sandon Beach is a lovely treed area great for family camping.
  • Other visitor areas are located at Wilson's Headland near Wooli and Station Creek, north of Red Rock.

Each area is accessed from separate locations along the Pacific Highway, with some sections of gravel road.

For further information, visit the National Parks & Wildlife website.

yuraygir national park
New Yuraygir Coastal Walk

Experience the beauty of the Yuraygir National Park by walking the Yuraygir Coastal Walk. The signposted 65km walking route extends from the coastal villages of Angourie to Red Rock and passes through the villages of Brooms Head, Minnie Water and Wooli.

It can be completed, in total, in four days but there are options for shorter "half" or "single" day walks are available.

The walk is a series of tracks, trails, beaches, and rock platforms that are linked by following the "coastal emu footprint" marker. Along your journey you will encounter vast heathland plains, long sandy beaches, crystal clear creeks and lagoons, rocky headlands and abundant wildflowers and birdlife.

If you don't wish to organise the trek yourself, why not have a professional tour guide do the work for you:

For more information visit the National Parks website: here.