Squeakygate B&B

Squeakygate B&B
Special Deals for stays outside of School Holidays

Offer 1: Monday to Thursday (non-school holidays) If you stay with two consecutive week nights, in either room, then we will provide you with a free two course evening meal for up to 2 guests (normal charge $25 per head). If you stay for 4 weekday nights, the offer will be meals on two nights.

Offer 2: (non-school holidays)

If you visit with another couples, or visit as a family, and take the whole B&B (both rooms), the group (the 2 cpls or a family) will receive a $20 discount per night. This applies to any night. Plus, if you stay Monday – Thursday nights Offer 1 also applies, Max 4 dinner meals per night.

Offer 3: (non-school holidays)

If you stay for 5 nights, the 6th night is FREE including breakfast for 2. If your stay includes 4 weeks nights, then offer 1 applies as well.

To redeem these offers, please quote on booking.

Offer is ongoing.