Top 3% of the world? That's the Anchorage for you!

Top 3% of the world? That's the Anchorage for you!

Date: July 1 2017 (12:00am)

This article appeared in the 23 June 2017 edition of the Daily Examiner:

When Anchorage Holiday Park manager Jo Watt first saw an email pop into their inbox from HotelsCombined informing them their online reviews had put them in the top 3% in the world for customer satisfaction, she found it hard to believe it was true.

However, when a certificate arrived in the mail from the global online hotel search engine, she knew it was real.

After only being manager for 18 months after starting as a housekeeper in 2005, Ms Watt said she was as surprised as anyone about the glowingly positive online reviews, which according to Hotels Combined is a 9.1 out of 10.

"We're all very proud, all the staff are so happy," she said.

"A lot of things get overlooked when people stay, like the housekeeping and the groundskeeping, but if people aren't happy with how clean the cabins are and how the park is maintained, guests won't leave positive reviews.

"It all boils down to it. We can be as nice as we want in the office, but if cabins and grounds are kept nice and clean it all comes back to that in how happy guests are with their stay.

"This is a great achievement by all of our staff, and it really was a team effort."

While star ratings used to be the primary indicator of a holiday park's quality, Ms Watt said the attention has turned to the online realm.

"Hotels Combined said in eight months we went from having hardly any online reviews to having 120, and a vast majority of them were very positive," she said.

"It's a massive drawcard for the park. This is an international award, and our reviews are from all over the world.

"We find that most of our bookings are coming from our online reviews, because more and more people get online and look at the reviews before they make a booking.

"Our rating by our guests was a 9.1, and that's really good. It just means that everyone is happy, all the reviews are very positive. We do get some feedback where we might be able to improve and we're happy with that. If you're not striving to improve, you can go backwards."

Ms Watt said the park has just started a day spa as well to offer more for their guests.